Inbound/ Incoming Requirements


For Inbound Exchange Students:

     ♦ Medical certificate from a recognized health institute/hospital

♦ Transcript of Academic Records

♦ Health insurance

♦ Letter of Acceptance from CLSU

♦ Letter of Request from home institution

♦ Copy of curricular program to be pursued in CLSU

♦ B4 Visa

♦ Existing Memorandum of Agreement/Understanding between CLSU and home institution

♦ Certificate of English proficiency from home institution


Deadline: All the above mentioned documents must be submitted to the Office of International Affairs one month prior to arrival in CLSU

 Arrival in CLSU: Upon the receipt of acceptance from CLSU, the inbound students must arrived in CLSU one week before the scheduled enrollment


Upon arrival in CLSU: The inbound students must undertake the following:

     ♦ Medical and Physical Examination to be administered by the CLSU Infirmary

♦ Visa Processing (to be assisted by the Coordinator for Visa Processing)

♦ Attendance to an Orientation Lecture about Filipino Language and Culture as well as CLSY Style of Living

♦ CLSU Campus Tour

♦ Need Assessment and Individual Interview to be administered by a licensed guidance counselor


For Inbound On the Job Trainees:

      ♦ Medical certificate from a recognized health institute/hospital

♦ Letter of request from home university

♦ Letter of approval from CLSU

♦ Copy of curricular program