e3-STArt: R & D International Academic Festival

August 30- September 1, 2017

The e3-STArt: R & D International Academic Festival 2017 was a big success, thanks to the effort of International Affairs Office together with Central Luzon State University and Academic Research Council. This activity benefits not only the students and teachers, but also the community members were given a chance to attend and be educated in some various activities like Workshop on Research Proposal Writing was held at Dr. Oscar D. Quines Hall, College of Veterinary Science and Medicine, Business Techno Forum for Community Members was held at the IGS Mini Theater and Student Business Research Summit held at Danilo G. Tan Hall, College of Education.

This activity had large number of attendees from different schools and companies both local and international. And this activity gave opportunities for the foreign students to represent their culture by singing and dancing.

  Event Photos