College of Veterinary Science and Medicine

The College of Veterinary Science and Medicine (CVSM) was established in 1978 through Republic Act No. 4067 enacted into law by Congress in 1964. Subsequently, CVSM offered the first ladderized veterinary curriculum in the Philippines:Bachelor of Science in Animal Husbandry (first 4 years) and Doctor of Veterinary Science and Medicine (6 years). This was designed to produce veterinarians adept not only in disease control and prevention but in animal production as well.

For many years, the college DVSM graduates have consistently topped the Veterinary Licensure Examinations. This excellent performance has made the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) and the Professional Regulation Commission to recognize the CVSM as one of the Top Performing Veterinary Colleges in the country. In 2009, CHED awarded the college the title, Center of Excellence in Veterinary Medicine.

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CD Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine